The Corner Store


1403 Old Queen Anne Rd, Chatham, MA 02633

Corner Store Map

The corner store is just the type of dynamic, efficiently run, carefully staffed and branded venture I usually avoid like the plague in New York. Tossed, ‘Wichcraft, Pret’A’Manger, etc all make a decent sandwich, but they’re geared toward efficiency rather than excellence. (Although I appreciate them in a pinch.)

corner store burrito

The cape is a different playing field and this little shop that’s half ‘Wichcraft and half Chipotle does trick. Mouthwatering burritos made from steak you can watch the chefs pan-searing in the back on one side, panini with a solid menu of well-assembled combinations and taste to match on the other.

The Corner Store, like its New York brethren, is not really a sit-down joint so much as a grab-and-go, but for throngs of capers on their way to boating, biking, or other such things , it’s become a go-to.

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