Lecount Hollow Beach



On this part of the National Seashore, the dunes are high and sharp, and the geography dramatic. You enter this beach through a narrow space between two dunes, and follow a steep path about 50 vertical feet down the the sand. This is a popular spot for volleyball, but it distinguishes itself by its waves – great for surfing, not so great for small children. During my visit I observed wetsuit-clad folks aplenty, but nary a book-reading sun bather. Wellfleet, far up the outer forearm of the cape, is not the most convenient from the central cape, but worth the trip if you happen to be staying in Wellfleet, Orleans, or Truro.

Parking here, assessed by the town of Wellfleet, will run you more than down at Nauset, at $20 per day, $45 for three days. [More Info]

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