Nauset Beach



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Situated on the National Seashore, Nauset Beach offers breathtaking views and broad expanses of sand, framed by bluffs. This is less a “chill” beach than a walking/sightseeing destination. It’s the most easily accessible National Seashore beach from the mid cape, and it’s a bit tamer than Lecount Hollow, with its steep dunes, whipping wind, and narrow sand strip. Perhaps the most enduring feature of Nauset is the red-striped lighthouse perched on the bluffs above. For a sense of scale and spectacle it can’t be beat.

Nauset is officially a “public” beach, and provides some amenities other don’t, like showers and rest rooms with running water. Parking, assessed by municipality, is $15 per day in season, $10 pre and post season. [More Info – click “beach fees” under “additional links”]

nauset beach map

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