Herring Cove Beach



Photo by Lin Mei

Herring Cove would be your go-to if you were staying in Provincetown, which we highly recommend by the way. It’s hard to avoid the beach from any point in Provincetown, and Commercial Street abuts a pretty stretch of beach itself. Still, if you’re going to make a short trip, make it to Herring Cove, which Travel Channel named one of America’s Best All-Time Beaches (source). Situated at practically the outermost point of the cape, where the land forms a natural “U” shape, Herring Cove is evocative of a “desert island”. For obvious reasons this makes it ideal for nice weather, less hospitable for off-season, unless you like chop. Still, the waves are gentler than on the other side of the cape, and its adjacency to Provincetown gives Herring Cove a very different feeling.

Herring Cove has a $15 daily parking fee, and a $45 seasonal parking fee. [More Information]

Herring Cove Map



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