Storm King Art Center

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1 Museum Rd, New Windsor, NY β€Ž

If you like your Thomas Cole landscapes with a dash of Rene Magritte surrealism, the Storm King Art Center (website) is the place for you. It’s an art installation writ-large, using an entire natural landscape as its grounds. It’s also the perfect plug-and-play romantic getaway, within easy driving distance from New York City, and guaranteed to be gorgeous May – October.

What makes the Hudson Valley unique is the sunlight – you can spot immediately the vistas that might have inspired a weary Rip Van Winkle to grab a catnap under a tree. And not to shatter the majesty, but this also gets our vote for Best Picnic Makeout Spot.

The grounds are vast, and manicured just enough to allow easy walkability. (Caution – no pets allowed. We’re mixed about this as pet owners – we know pets can cause problems, but we mean other people’s pets.) The art installations are situated strategically, and marked on the tour maps.

Go left from the parking/picnic area, and you’re quickly in deep woods of tall, stately trees that allow only the occasional yellow beam of sunlight to penetrate.

storm king 4

Follow the road to the top of the ridge, and the grounds open up to an expansive green where some of the larger sculptures reside.

Storm King 2

At the top of the hill is the aged visitors center, beyond which stretch vast meadows where you can see the largest sculptures.

Storm King 1

Photography is not only permitted but encouraged, and the center even specifies helpful “vista points” for taking idiot-proof photos (like mine;).

If you’re looking for a hybrid between a museum experience and a hike – with something akin to the spectacle of a monument – that’s unlike anything you’ve experienced, it’s worth taking a day to drive up to the Art Center.

The Storm King Art Center is located at 1 Museum Rd, New Windsor, NY, about 90 minutes driving distance from lower Manhattan, via the George Washington Bridge. A Google Maps App with traffic settings is always a plus, because there are multiple routes.

Storm King Map

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