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What makes San Francisco an ideal travel location for a couple? In most other cities with this much to offer you’ll perceive a little edge, a little hustle. New York, where we hail from is a perfect example. It’s intoxicating, but a little anxiety-inducing. San Francisco, by contrast, always feels welcoming. […read more]

Getting There


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A burning question many travelers unfamiliar with the Bay Area ask themselves is “should I fly into SFO or Oakland?” In the past, Oakland was hailed as a cheap and uncrowded alternative to San Francisco. The conventional wisdom was “fly into Oakland to save money.” Is it still true? The simple answer is: sometimes […read more]


Where to Stay


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If you’re dissatisfied with the standard menu of options, you might want to consider a neighborhood we discovered: Japan Town. Related, what’s a “Yelp Sleeper”?

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Where to Eat

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SF also boasts some of the nation’s great eateries, coffee, Asian food, and bakeries. Then there’s Napa.

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