It’s a not-too-well-kept secret that many of the best restaurants in NYC are in Brooklyn. The borough’s relatively lower operating costs and more discerning customers ensure a well-groomed selection of destination eateries. Whereas Queens excels for authenticity, Brooklyn is generally the best place to find chef-founded spots catering to food nerds and taking risks. Most Brooklyners have their “secret spot”, and there’s a certain cache that knowing the hidden gem in the borderline neighborhood bestows. Don’t be fooled, however. Brooklyn is upscale even where it looks threadbare. Bushwisk, Prospect Heights, even Bed-Stuy, are fast becoming hotbeds for outer boroughs gastronomy.

Restaurant Address Neighborhood Type of Food Vibe Comments
1. Gen 659 Washington Ave Brooklyn, NY 11238 Prospect Heights Japanese – sushi, sukiyaki, miscellaneous Upscale Casual Simple dishes, exceptionally well-prepared
2. Paulie Gee’s 60 Greenpoint Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11222 Greenpoint Pizza – authentic Neapolitan style Upscale Casual Blissful marriage of old-school and new. Brick oven, microbrews, and ever-present owner.
3. Pilar Cuban Eatery 393 Classon Ave New York, NY 11238 Clinton Hill/Bed Stuy Cuban Nabe Casual Just a few tables, and a tiny kitchen, but artisanal Cuban food with inspiration in every bite.
4. Barboncino 781 Franklin Ave Brooklyn, NY 11238 Prospect Heights/Crown Heights Pizza – authentic, cocktail bar Upscale Casual Pizza the equal of anywhere in the 5 boroughs, plus class and cocktails
5. Ki Sushi 122 Smith St Brooklyn, NY 11201 Cobble Hill Sushi – artisanal Upscale Casual Dollar-for-dollar, the best sushi experience in the city.
6. Buttermilk Channel 524 Court St Brooklyn, NY 11231 Carroll Gardens Comfort-food/gastronerd/wine bar Upscale Casual Best guilty pleasure spot in brooklyn. Comfort food and wine, with cheffed-up flair.

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